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Problem Joomla!1.5.1x and PHP5.3

Published on| October 6th, 2009 | No Comment.
Joomla! 1.5.1x (To be precise, is that from 1.5.11 or later) and PHP5.3 in combination with the error occurs. Management screen menu for this error causes serious problems such as the menu item does not appear.

If, PHP5.3 knoweth if the update to think a while, you better wait.
Addition, rental server, PHP version 5.3 is the case, the following steps to patch the problem is so serious that can be avoided.
(1.5.14 yet, but a serious problem is that is not avoided. )

Patches (patch) Atemashou the

  1. From where to download the above patch files (text) Download the.
    Linux / Unix and is usually, patch, so you command it uses.
    In the case of Windows, cygwin, etc. are included. Or, from time to install the patch following command post.
    - Make a UNIX-like environment in Unxutils

  2. Download "joomla_php5.3_patch_2009-07-09.txt" the Joomla! Copy to the installation directory.
    / usr/home/yourname/www/joomla/joomla_php5.3_patch_2009-07-09.txt
    In the example above, "/ usr / home / yourname / www / joomla /" to joomla! And is installed.

  3. patch command, Apply the patch.
    > Cd / usr / home / yourname / www / joomla /
    > Patch-p0 <joomla_php5.3_patch_2009-07-09.txt /

    The current directory Joomla! Moving to the installation, patch the input commands.
    Joomla! Some versions of the Wins a patch does not appear to be all serious is to be avoided.
    This time, I, I tried 1.5.14, and patch a few cases had been skipped. However, serious problems, seems to be avoided.

But even Windows patch command, if it can be installed correctly, you can apply a patch as described above.

This happened, PHP is made for the upgrading of this issue. I took the time to analyze the problem a long time.
A world of open source is something to do, a Cheshire, it is not intended to upgrade.

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