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This page is OulBook .

OulBook is outline processor used Qt.

This is very similar to TuxCards, and backward compatible. Because I was a user of TuxCards more than anything else, and its development stoped to 2.21 however it had a few bugs.

So, I began to develop OulBook that has backward compatible of TuxCards. The OulBook's most of GUIs and messages is same as TuxCards. But I could not make only encryption feature. So, encryption feature is provided as the plugin of OulBook that used TuxCards source codes as GPL licence. If you are worried GPL licence, you will remove "pnp_cryptplugin.dll" in OulBook package. (If you remove this plugin, you will not be able to use only the encryption feature.)

This page will provide you new Release news of its OulBook, and you may see your hopefull OulBook.

TuxCards is
outline processer with Qt and Licence is GPL, so it is open source.
It will manage your ideas by structuring tree, and the structuring document will convert to HTML format. Linux user was many this software's users, Linux users were this software's users, but windows users can use it, and Mac users too. So this software was not launch as binary for Windows or Mac.

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