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Camp26 Random Content display using random article

Published on| May 13th, 2009 | No Comment.
Joomla! has NEWS Flush Module by default. And use it to randomly select a story from one of the specified categories, you can see. Number of articles can also be specified.
The module is the category section as well, I do not have to remove the character who shows the number of characters automatically as the headline. Therefore, the lack of usability was not used. Long, and has been running the site, will increase the number of articles. Number of articles, Spread the range, many people (variety), visit a site. Those who, in addition to the article because of your color and you have to introduce, if you like the Web site, the better would not you?

When such a module will display a random sampling of the headlines of the article, this is our Camp26 Random Content.
(Originally, this area of the module is low. Among them, non-commercial use, and find and use, most, what would TADORI着KA in this module. )

Immediately, we use
The destination site, ZIP file to download, and install. (Menu [extension] - Install / Uninstall] Please. )

After the installation, the default "Random Content" will be created, you edit it.
(Menu [extension] - Management Module] From "Banner Slider" please look for. )

Camp26 Random Content written for specific parameters.

Parameter name Description
Class Module: Suffix is the name of the module.
Frontpage Items: Specifies whether to display a front page article.
Show Introtext: Specifies whether to display the introduction part of the article.
Limit Introtext: Specifies the maximum length of the introduction of the article.
Count: The number of articles listed.
Category ID: Category ID to specify a target list. If more than one, separate them with commas.
Section ID: Section that specifies the ID list. If more than one, separate them with commas.

Then, like a normal module, and to determine the menu position that "valid" if the displays.

The following is a list of articles for random testing (sample image).

Module Suffix, CSS can use a clean, 10 minutes, I could.

Good, good, however, AlphaContent like image + pick-up if you like introduction of the article, I felt good. Previously, AlphaContent I also feel like a random article, at least, now is not. If you know of such things, I would appreciate comments.


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