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MultiAds use, place an ad automatically to all articles

Published on| April 22nd, 2009 | No Comment.
Joomla! In Google AdSense If you want to introduce a custom HTML as a convenient standard modules.
I also, this custom was a good HTML. If I'd like to advertise in the article, and to load the module in the article, to some, upcoming article, I will.
However, in most stories, and embed a custom module, the last article, you must re-edit. When such a template php and had to change the file, the more likely it was not smart, there was a good extension.

This is the story almost without having to embed a module to read the article, the extension will display the ad (MultiAds), easily explained.

Immediately, using the
From the above download download the ZIP file to install.
After installation, "MultiAds" I have added a plug-in.

If you click it, you'll see a screen like the following.

Each parameter set, and finally, a plug-in "effective" and, in certain parts of each article, you might automatically display the ad.

Parameter name Meaning
Previous ad content Part of the content (the article title and the article) to set the ad. (Position, see screenshot above)
Top Ad Content Top of the content (the first part of the article) to set the ad. (Position, see screenshot above)
At the bottom of the ad content Lower part of the content (the end of the article) to set the ad. (Position, see screenshot above)
After the content of advertising After part of the content (after the article) to set the ad. (Position, see screenshot above)
Use Adsense section When you select Yes,
Beginning of the article, following the end of the embed tag.
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
Google Adsense Section Targeting to use special features.
The information above, and tucking the article, the only contents of the article, you can go to choose the ads.
If you do nothing, and the entire article.

Place Right / left / center / no one
※ effect only at the top of the ad content.
Front Page (Blog view) Ad Front Page (Blog view) specifies the number of ads to display.
Guests only Displays only when guests visit.
Exclude article ID Articles do not want to specify the ID display ads.
Exclude Tree ID Categories do not want to specify the ID display ads.
Block IP address Do not wish to see advertising IP address.
Blocking user agents Specifies the user name you do not want to advertise.

Each placement will be placed as follows.

Collectively, to set in place the same ad in your article is very useful plug-in.
However, much less to read the article to be just advertising, so I put it is a good idea to avoid sticking out too much.
In fact, this site, I'm used to. Right now, I feel good. After all, we must rethink the design of the entire site with too many ads.


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