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Try EasyTemplate

Published on| April 2nd, 2009 | No Comment.
EasyTemplate extension is able to assist in the creation of the article. The pattern must be registered as an HTML template, the article simply describes the parameters of the template that you registered when you created the article is able to insert HTML tags with.

STEP.1 from the above download, download, install

EasyTemplate and install the components appear in the menu.
There seems to be a show and sample some of the component management screen.
TEST from which to choose, see the following screen, take a look at the inside.
What is the string that contains only the following.

This is a <strong>Test</strong> look at: <span style='color:red;'><easyvar>TEST</easyvar></span> !!!
The following of the above, it would be the template parameter is easy to imagine the board.

STEP.2 using a sample of the template, let's make a story

When you open the screen of the article, as follows: Easy Template button appears.

Editor screen appears when you click them.

So, let's earlier TEST button. As expected, TEST screen was to determine the type or any parameter.
So, "Taro" and try to enter.

Then, the output string has the following articles in the area.
This is a <strong>Test</strong> look at: <span style='color:red;'><easyvar>Taro</easyvar></span> !!!

Very easy.

It is easier to understand the simple fact that they use. In addition, cumbersome or HTML, if you configure a directory as a pattern, I would rather save the trouble of.
However, some systems, php may be that some of the errors. (The operation is as much a problem. )
If you use the 10 minutes on the check, it's best to use.
Also, a version, yet, so young, must be prepared to have some bugs.

Additional Notes: And a new line created by the template code and did not reflect well. Just know that I may have some way. But I, unfortunately, ceased to use.


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