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How to send to GMail from Joomla!

Published on| June 12th, 2010 | No Comment.
Recently, I use free email of major portal sites. Maybe, I think that a lot of people are doing so. In addition, I think that there are a lot of people though I am using Google(Gmail) in that.
If you are creating some sites with Joomla!, you might want to set Site master mail address to Gmail Address. Now what should you do?

It is very very simple.
Because Joomla! provide the function of setting smtp server without any plugin.

This post might help you that have some sites with Joomla!.

Set the control setup screen.

GMail to use, just set this interface. Sorry too much easy.

Preferences Settings
Mailer Select * SMTP server.
Source Address GMail used to set the destination address.
Send元名 Set the destination name to be used.
Joomla! Site Master
Sendmail path The site will be required when using Sendmail.
This time, not necessary, you should check and set.
/ Usr / sbin / sendmail
SMTP Authentication To use authentication, select Yes.
SMTP Security Here, Google security'll have to specify the pages listed. Select TLS.
SMTP Port Here, Google'll specify the port that is listed on the page. Set 465.
SMTP user GMail, if the source address of the SMTP username.
SMTP password Set GMail password.
SMTP host GMail's SMTP host name. Set smtp.gmail.com.

After setting the contents of the above is complete, click Apply.
It's that easy.

Some servers may fail to send.
It is, PHP's Mail Related Extensions (PEAR) is not installed on is the error.

I think it's worth to ensure that the following features are installed.

Joomla! Page and contact us if you post on the site, e-mail is sent to the administrator.
In this case, the source, the address of the person who will set us on the contact page, GMail If you use the email address of the authenticated user is set first (in the example here, exmaple @ gmail.com) will be.

It is to eliminate junk e-mail address if different user authentication, user authentication unconditionally to the address from being converted in GMail.

Return-Path: from@hoge.com
To: exmaple@gmail.com
From: Send Name <exmaple@gmail.com>

However, outgoing mail to the address of the sender's address is the same user authentication, are not converted. E-mail to only one, so different from the past, it may be a little strange.


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