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SQLite Database Browser (multilingual version)

Published on| May 28th, 2009 | 2 Comments.
The SQLite Database Browser(Public Domain) is developed basic by Qt.(also licence is tied by Qt license.)
This software is famous as GUI software of SQLite and open source software.

So, this time, we tried this software support with Qt4.5.1, and support with multilingual. (First attchment Japanease.)

It's work was difficult more than we thought.
we think we just had to convert the English to Japanese. However, when we execute work of transration, we have notified this software was used Qt, 3.x (commercial-version). It was older version than we thought.
We came to have to change a part of the source code.

Therefore, this version is test-version(alpha).

In this article, SQLite Database Browser'll describe how to translate easily.(excluding Japanese and English)
* The following download file(SQLite Database Browser Multilingual) include Japanese and English language pack.
You will be able to easy start up this software with Japanese or English OS.
You need to only two operations.
  1. Extract download files at any directory.
  2. Click "sqlitebrowser.exe".

SQLite Database Browser Origin: http://sqlitebrowser.sourceforge.net/
Thanks, SQLite Database Browser's Developers.

SQLite Database Browser Multilingual:

Multilingual instructions
If you execute the following steps, you will be able to change SQLite Database Browser from the English to your native language version .

If you do not have a development environment of Qt, you may need to download from the below address to use "lrelease" command.

  1. Download SQLite Database Browser(multilingual version) from this site, extract download zip-file to any folder.
  2. You will find "language" directory in extract directory of download zip-file.
    Next step, copy "sqlitebrowser_en.ts" in "language" directory.
    The copy file name use code of your country "language_country".
    For example, if your country is Japan, the copy file name will be "sqlitebrowser_ja_JP.ts".

    Next step, you will need to translate into your native language the contents of copy file.
    Between the tags(see following tags), you will edit your native contents by your text editor (like a notepad.exe) .
    <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
  3. You will convert ts.file (that you edited ) to pm.file by "lrelease" command.(see folllowing example command parameter.)
    %sqlitebrowser install dir%> lrelease sqlitebrowser_xx.ts
    %sqlitebrowser install dir%>
    (xx: language_country code)

    Next step, you will copy the created file(sqlitebrowser_xx.pm) to directory that exist "sqlitebrowser.exe".
  4. Run "sqlitebrowser.exe".
    Perhaps you will see your native laguage's SQLite Database Browser. However, if you have not be able to see it, please type the following from the command line.
    %sqlitebrowser install dir% > sqlitebrowser.exe -l xx
    (xx: language_country code)

    SQLite Database Browser will translate force into your native language (by pm.file).

[Note] language_country: the language and country of your locale as a string of the form "language_country", where language is a lowercase, two-letter ISO 639 language code, and country is an uppercase, two-letter ISO 3166 country code.

ex) If you country is Japan, "language" is "ja" and "country" is "JP",
So "language_country" will be "ja_JP".

If you have completed to native language translation, please send to us the ts.file.
We will surely include your language(ts.file) file in the next release.

Thank you for your work.

This software is still alpha version. Perhaps this software include some bugs, and some problems.

Problems caused by using this software Not guaranteed by the www.off-soft.net. All, please use at your own risk.

Please see "readme.txt" about licence.(include dwonload file)

If you find a problem, please comment on this page.


2 Comments. “SQLite Database Browser (multilingual version)”

  1. srazi
    September 5th, 2010 @ 17:06:51

    Is “SQLite Database Browser (multilingual version)” project open source?
    If “Yes” where is the source download link?
    And if “No” then do you know an open source project based on Qt4 for browsing SQLite database?

  2. master
    September 8th, 2010 @ 04:03:10

    We have not opened this source codes, because we was very busy and too poor(no money) now.

    So we think we want to open it to near future if we clear some problems.
    Example, some development members, or license problem…

    and the SQLite Database Browser (multilingual version) has different source code of Open source project( based on Qt4 for browsing SQLite database) .

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