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How to fix VBR information of MP3 with Vbrfix(Multilanguage)

Published on| February 22nd, 2011 | No Comment.
Vbrfix Window Description:
This post will show that VBR information of MP3 file is recovered by Vbrfix tools(Qt application).

Vbrfix is tool that change bad information into correct VBR information of MP3 file. This tool use Qt open source library.
By modifying the VBR, MP3 You can modify the display of the time.

Variable bitrate (VBR) is a
a term used in telecommunications and computing that relates to the bitrate used in sound or video encoding. As opposed to constant bitrate (CBR), VBR files vary the amount of output data per time segment. VBR allows a higher bitrate (and therefore more storage space) to be allocated to the more complex segments of media files while less space is allocated to less complex segments. The average of these rates can be calculated to produce an average bitrate for the file.

It is the same as the change of correct time of MP3 to rewrite VBR,

Also I will try the Vbrfix of use of multi-language.

First, let's use Vbrfix.

Usage Vbrfix

First, Vbrfix the use of, leave a little explanation.

Windows binaries can be downloaded from here.
Download Locations: Http://Home.gna.org/Vbrfix/
Downloads at the bottom of the site, please download the latest set of files.
Currently (2011.02) The latest version, QT GPL 0.32 (win32) (latest version, experimental)

The downloaded file, VbrfixGui.exe, VbrfixConsole.exe has been compressed.

VbrfixGui.exe: Vbrfix the GUI version (Qt)
VbrfixConsole.exe: Vbrfix the CUI version

In this case, GUI version only deals.

Usage is simple.
Extract to a suitable directory, VbrfixGui.exe run.

MP3 VBR want to fix the screen and drop files to the bottom of the screen by clicking the Go button OK.
Vbrfix Window

If you leave the default settings, the modified MP3 confirmation screen will appear from the file name, if appropriate file name, file name and save me.

Please fix to play MP3 files. I think play time is displayed correctly.

Vbrfix This can be set to convert various conditions besides.
[File] - [Settings] - [Settings] You can set the detailed settings screen.

Vbrfix Window

For example, VBR MP3 corrected information if you want to overwrite the original MP3 file is checked Replace Originals lower, and it'll automatically overwrite.

Vbrfix multilingual

Vbrfix latest version (0.33beta-0) Vbrfix Incidentally I tried to compile into Japanese.
Downloads can be done from below. (GPL source code contains a set of licenses so. )

Additionally, you can also make changes to respond to your native language as well as Japanese.

Response to mother tongue, please refer to later.

Multilingual instructions

The following steps, you are from English into their native language can be changed Vbrfix.

You, Qt if you do not have a development environment, from the following address lrelease may need to download to use the command.

Download: http://www.qtsoftware.com/downloadshttp://qt-project.org/downloads

  1. Vbrfix multilingual version download, unzip to a folder of your choice.
  2. Are you to the directory you can find the language directory.
    Then you will copy from "VbrfixGui.ts" or "VbrfixGui_en.ts" in that directory to "VbrfixGui_ja.ts" (ja:your country code).
  3. Next step, you will edit copy file ( "VbrfixGui_ja.ts" (ja:your country code))
    You will edit that file by tool like a notepad.exe. Of course by your language.
    following list are you should edit.
    • <TS version="2.0"><TS version="2.0" language="ja_JP"> : "ja_JP" is your country code.
      this example is case of Japanease.
    • <translation type="unfinished"></translation> : You should be input to the "translation" tag that you have translated into your language the contents of "source" tag.
      <source>About Vbrfix</source>
      <translation type="unfinished">Vbrfixについて</translation>
      this example is case of Japanease.
  4. VbrfixGui_xx.ts translation of the Qt Command (lrelease VbrfixGui_xx.ts) in VbrfixGui_xx.pm Please create the file. (Xx: language_country code)

    For example, type the following from a command prompt.
    %VbrfixGui install dir%> lrelease VbrfixGui_xx.ts
    %VbrfixGui install dir%> 
    Created files (VbrfixGui_xx.pm) Run the file copied to the directory VbrfixGui.exe same.
  5. VbrfixGui.exe run.
    This will automatically switch to the language of the system you are using.

    VbrfixGu force was created to translate the file you try to pm.

[Note] language_country: the language and country of your locale as a string of the form "language_country", where language is a lowercase, two-letter ISO 639 language code, and country is an uppercase, two-letter ISO 3166 country code.

ex) If you country is Japan, "language" is "ja" and "country" is "JP",
So "language_country" will be "ja_JP".


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