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Qt (8) How to transfer to japanease of QtAssistant GUI

Published on| June 4th, 2009 | No Comment.
In Qt, Windows as a change in the HTML Help QtAssistant.
QtAssistant This is almost, HTML has a help feature. (I think it's more than that. )

Sadly, in the latest 4.5.1, QtAssistant the GUI seems not to be Japanese.

So, I do, you can be Japanese.
If you have read the articles below, it's easy. Japanese translation of QtAssistant (pm) you will notice that there is no file.

In this article, Qt written for the screen to switch from English to Japanese application.

Articles: Qt (5) ts QtLinguist and examine the files

This article describes the version of 4.5.1 or less.
Please acknowledge the following article to be not significant because the translation of Japanese came to be distributed formally in 4.5.2.(2009.6.30 release)

Check assistant_ja.ts file.
First, Qt own environment, assistant_ja.ts I check the file.
pm file and ts files, usually located in the following folder.


If the destination directory if assistant_ja.ts file, I check the contents.
Or a general text editor, linguist.exe ensure that the translation of Japanese is written using the.

If the translation is not as described, or to write your own translation, the following URL from your latest download.

The latter is a new way.

Both seem to commit her axasia Acknowledgments are.

Create a file assistant_ja.pm.
assistant_ja.ts assistant_ja.pm Create a file from the file.

lrelease or command, linguist.exe pm click a file from the release.

%Qt-install%\qt\translations>lrelease assistant_ja.ts
Updating 'assistant_ja.qm'...
    Generated 203 translation(s) (203 finished and 0 unfinished)
%Qt-install%\qt\translations>lrelease assistant_ja.ts
Updating 'assistant_ja.qm'...
    Generated 191 translation(s) (191 finished and 0 unfinished)

Above, the downloaded file 2 pm is the result of the ts file. Number is different from translation.

Ts even in comparison to the actual file, the content of the comments are slightly different. However, none of the look, so I do not see much difference.
Ts if you download the file to use, always check on your own, you will be available.

Let's run assistant.exe.
I assistant.exe切RI替WATTA to run a Japanese menu.

assistant.exe similar to assistant_adp.exe executable.

assistant_adp.exe is old in the Qt Assistant is included for compatibility.

At least 4.5 or later, assistant.exe are encouraged to use.


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