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What kind of Windows will be able to run Qt application

Published on| September 29th, 2009 | No Comment.
This time, Qt application is created in which Windows is running a story about you.

This is very simple so that, immediately, I would like to describe briefly.

Qt applications running OS (Windows) Range
Compiler uses Win95 Win98 WinMe WinNT 4.0 Win2000 WinXP WinVista Win7
GCC 3.4.x (MinGW) x o o o o o o (Qt4.5.1 later) ?
VC + + 2003 x o o o o o o (Qt4.5.1 later) ?
VC + + 2005 x o o o o o o (Qt4.5.1 later) ?
VC + + 2008 x x x x o o o (Qt4.5.1 later) ?

※ Qt environment is being tested, VC + + 2003 or later. So here are listed only for the compiler later.
Win7 about is whether or not to work if only, perhaps, than most of the Qt application I think device-related work. However, Win7 whether we can use the new features, the 4.5 does not support.

GCC 3.4.x, VC + + 2003, the original, Win95 can create applications that work with, Qt does not run and will, in fact, Win95 and Qt applications that work with them, the message box does not include anything appears, does not work.
Otherwise, the compiler will have the same scope.
Again, should be noted that, VC + + 2008 for 95 series (16-bit OS), WinNT and not at work, VC + + 2003 is, Win7 can be omitted from the development environment for the future, Qt off the target range at that we are going to be.

95 systems (16-bit OS) (98 with me but only) if you really want to work with, GCC 3.4.x (MinGW) it may be safe rather you did not use.

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