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Desktop split with Sysinternals Desktops

Published on| August 19th, 2009 | No Comment.
Split the desktop software to view the most. XP, in particular, free software provided by Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager What is not known.
This time, introducing Sysinternals Desktops, which is available from Microsoft, Virtual Desktop Manager is a good way to feel the difference. Desktop displayed in 4 split, so it comes as something of a preview function, the operation is similar.
However, significantly different from the way the division, Sysinternals Desktops, desktop division, almost seems to be independent, Virtual Desktop Manager and is an extension of the desktop? It is like to split.
(To be precise, the reason it is not seen the source code is unknown. )

This time, Sysinternals Desktops about this, I would like to briefly.

Try to download and install
The destination site, Desktops.zip Download.

The downloaded ZIP file to the appropriate directory (the installation directory) to unpack.
When you unzip the file is as follows.

Install (unzip) directory]
  • Desktops.exe
  • Eula.txt

If the above Desktops.exe run from Windows Explorer and double click the screen below.
※ Only when the first start, the screen displays the license authentication.

Upper screen, you define the keystrokes and screen switching.
※ If there is a special quality, I think it good.

Always, when you log on, Desktops if you want to start the bottom of the screen "Run automatically at logon" Check.

Installation only.
Special, other than the above is not necessary. Also, Desktops.exe if they start, I split the desktop, you can do something.

Let's use
Usage is simple. Desktops.exe and running, a tray, such as the following two blue window icon ( ) Is displayed.
And four left-clicking the icon will be displayed in a split-screen preview, you can click on the preview screen switching, you can switch the desktop.

The difference between the software and split the other point to notice is the taskbar.
Other software division, in most cases, it is the common task bar, the application is running, you will see. However, Desktops, and individual and independent desktops, each desktop with a taskbar. Therefore, the taskbar displays only the start in desktop applications.

The software is simple to install on almost, because they split a clean desktop, as a developer, I think it's very convenient.
Conversely, for users, the environment, too, I do not want in the environment. By this environment, I think some software will not work. Applications are particularly conscious of the desktop, you can cause problems.
The famous round-soo, it seems there are some problems to work. (Error (failed to establish a shared memory. ))

(I, as the bugs out, but I love, I cry from the development environment may unexpectedly. )


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