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How to set Canonical Url with Joomla!

Published on| November 6th, 2009 | No Comment.
This is a topic now (another old days? ) Of Canonical Url who is about to set the module.

Canonical Url is a literal translation would, "valid URL" and also can we say?. If paraphrasing, "The only correct URL" you will feel that.
In other words, as follows by writing in HTML, "the real URL for this page, you are." Is specified and give Shire.
<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.off-soft.net/ja/software/dvd/eac.html" /> 

For example, if the above case, Joomla! In the case of including, in particular, can be accessed in different URL.
Example above, one can view the same article, on appearance, URL is different. It, the search engine "It's the same story" And to tell, Canonical Url settings.
(However, this module is the same URL in the URL above Canonical Url can not be set. We also include tips on ways to avoid them since. )

Can do this, Joomla! CMS like color if we can specify a URL, the one that recognizes that the same page one article, the search engine to remove the waste, the search side, are to be effective to increase page rank.

This time, write "Canonical URL" Module for Joomla 1.5, while the module on every page makes it easy to set the Canonical URL. I immediately try to explain briefly.

Immediately, try using
Downloaded from the site where, gz file download and installation. (Menu [extension] - Install / Uninstall Please from. )

After installation, management Module In, [Canonical URL Module] Invalid state, since there already, set your screen and click.

[Canonical URL Module] Configuration screen, set each information.

Parameter name Description
Rule01: Find part of URL URL Search
Rule01: Set part of URL Replace URL
※ Rule01 - 10 are up.

Hiding the title, just remember to enable the module.

This module, as you can see from this parameter, URL changes to a different part of the URL string and determine the same.
For example, if you set the following, even one single article over several pages are set in a single URL.

Rule01: Find part of URL start =
Rule01: Set part of URL

Lasting for more than one page article, URL parameters "start =" come with. By removing that information, the multi-page article in one URL is specified.

Also, JoomFish If you are using, Japanese, English articles on the same URL can also be summarized.

If you are addicted to this pattern, the same URL to convert it, you can easily.
However, as described in the summary Joomla! Provides a variety of URL is accessible.
Especially if you have SEO enabled, the URL will be many. If so, how should I.

Next, I would like to briefly described one of the workarounds.

URL to unify the
The simplest way is to unify all internal links.
URL or uniform in what form will depend on the person management.

In this menu, try to write a URL to a unified approach.

/ modules / mod_canonical / helper.php is, Canonical URL Module of the URL class that is in the process of setting modCanonicalHelper are described.
Some that have set the menu to add a URL to give to the process of conversion, let's aim for unification.

	$_dom = ($_before!="")?(substr(JURI :: base(), 0, -1)):(JURI :: base());
//	add search menu
if(isset($_GET['id']) && substr($_before,0,10)=='/index.php' && strstr($_before,'view=article')!==false){
	$id_article = $_GET['id'];
	$menu = &JSite::getMenu();
	$items = $menu->getMenu();
	$itemId = -1;
	foreach($items as $item) {
		if ( ! is_object($item) )
		if (isset($item->query['view']) && isset($item->query['id']) && 
			$item->query['view'] == 'article' && $item->query['id'] == $id_article) {
			$b_1 = "index.php?Itemid=".$item->id;

72 - 91 the first line is the line that was added.
We are trying to view the URL, '/ index.php' and 'view = article', 'id = xxx' if you have been given, we find from the menu.
Article ID if there is the same menu, the menu ID to retrieve the URL is converted to the menu.
If it does not exist on the menu is unchanged.

The manner described above can also, somewhat, every time you search, it is so heavy.

So we only show only the articles that point, but is somewhat limited, leave us a bill presented one solved.

Even if you do not do this workaround, multiple pages, put together a permanent page, so you can easily think of consideration and even try.


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