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Given the link to the article

Published on| April 3rd, 2009 | No Comment.
This time, Joomla! I would like to link to another article in the article.
STEP.1 try to mimic the menu item
Given the simple, menu items, are each linked to the article, you can imitate it, and I find it good. In fact, the menu item to copy the link, if the link is good. The following is the menu item configuration screen. Copy the link and paste it should.

In fact, "Joomla! To be highlighted in the source code" I create a link to.
When you click this link and it will be neatly displayed.

STEP.2 not try to set the menu item link

So, what is not on the menu?
"I would not want to see the menu? " Question, but what good is a link to? The answer is the same as the destination STEP.1 link.

Where id = 49 of 49 articles, and ID.
In other words, the article ID and even learning to create the link and I found that easy.

Try STEP.3 alias menu item

Like a normal website "/" If you want to use the address separated by, first, SEO must be set. (SEO details of the setting, please refer to the article here)
Once the SEO settings, you can use the alias for the menu item. Set of aliases, STEP.1 can set the screen as well as menu items.

For example, where "Joomla! To be highlighted in the source code" I create a link to.
Along the hierarchical menu of Joomla! - Configuration - Joomla! To highlight the source code to continue.
And follow it with an alias, joomla - setting - hilight.
In other words, /joomla/setting/hilight.html (at the end. Html to make sure).

STEP.4 or try to clear up the same links in various extensions

This site uses a different extension, the extension, to automatically create a link, we know that you do not necessarily address the same link. This is, Joomla! If you use a little bit, I think you already know that.
For example, this site, Joom! Fish multilingual that (at this site, English and Japanese (translation does not) have to use) the extension is installed.
In this case, URL will be added to address the representation of the following languages.

The Japanese are http://wwww.off-soft.net/jp/ xxxxx
In English is http://wwww.off-soft.net/en/ xxxxx

In this case, where "Joomla! To highlight the source code" Links to the


Now, people are watching, without having to put on a link to the article only in the sense that you have seen in English or Japanese? Let's see. For example, from a single article, the people watching, not only in the sense that you have seen in English or Japanese or you can configure a single address?
When you change a template, you can try to be aware of that seen in Japanese or English, 10 languages and when do you write a branching process.

Joom! Fish is the one I have the answer. Consider the following example.
For example, /joomla/setting/hilight.html if you have links with, Joom! Fish, said if the Japanese people in the pages of the Japanese, the English page of English if you try you.
In fact, switch the flag on the right page of the site, STEP.3 I can understand if you click on the link. Well I think.

However, you might well, and the site map link to each menu item is not longer true. Always, if Japanese, to jp, if English, en is included.

To set the link like this, what should I?

The answer to this menu. Is set to do the same as the address is set for each menu item.

In other words, if you set a link to a menu item, like the description of the destination, Joomla! Is automatically linked to the jp / en is supposed to be able to insert.
Joomla! To highlight the source code (1) I create a link to.
Menu item ID is 97, so if you set the link below and good will. Indeed, the above link, Joomla! Is automatically jp / en is inserted.


* Itemid, Note Case ID and menu item links to. Please note that you do not link to the article mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Joomla! Tools that will be considered the heart of the menu.
Menu to a website what is important, Joomla!, If particularly to develop innovative menus, SEO and feel safe bet measures.


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