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The module is displayed in the article. (with Plugin module in article)

Published on| July 13th, 2009 | No Comment.
Before, "to view the module in the article" Wrote the article. This article is a very basic article, Joomla! 1.5, is one of the features that comes standard.
{loadposition position}
Be embedded in the description in the article, the location (position) the same modules were to expand there.

This is very convenient. However, given how little there is unavailability. It is located (positions) in order to decide if I want to display only one module, the module is the only position (position) must be specified.
This position (position), but any number can be increased, and more too, when editing a module position (position) (combo box) are shown in the massive, difficult to edit.

Also, at most for a single module that you want to show the location (position) is also one of the mash. (TSUBUSERU position (position) if there is no additional (Joomla! More information placed in the template) must be)
Bypass the need for this, Plugin module in article 1 of the extension.
This time, Plugin module in article I would like to describe how to use easily.

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Immediately, we use
Let's install
The destination site, ZIP file to download, and install. (Menu [extension] - Install / Uninstall] Please. )

After installation, plug-in management] - [Module] Enable.

The installation is complete! !
It's easy.

Next, you use.
Let's use
It is simple to use.

{module [id]}
id: the module ID (numeric).

※ Normally, that number is printed to the right of the plugin management screen.

So, for example, the top menu of this site, we will see below.

This is same of the top menu.

"To view the module in the article" And the different ways in which you can easily view the individual modules.
With this, a common item in a custom HTML to register, when you need that custom HTML can be pasted into the article. Common items that are hard to edit later if you want to write the article. The edit of the part is good only to edit one module if it brings it together by custom HTML by using this.

Custom HTML + Plugin module in article and in combination, we expand the applications.


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