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Xmap Sitemap making (2) Google to register

Published on| April 15th, 2009 | No Comment.
Joomla! On creating a site map, easy, automatic extension will be created in Xmap.
The continuation of the previous Xmap site maps created by Google to describe how to register.
Instructions, Yahoo, so much the same as if, "Xmap Sitemap making (3) Yahoo registration" We will deepen the understanding and reference.

Download (Japanese Version): http://koshima.net/japaneselang/file/22-com_xmap.html
※ This extension, so if you have been published in Japanese, is straightforward with you. Provided acknowledgment.
Created Xmap Sitemap (XML format) URL to copy
Google and Yahoo when you register at the site map, you need to, XML format is a site map.

Mentioned above have the XML Sitemap URL, is it.

It is created correctly, try to click the check.
Unlike the case of ※ HTML, XML and when to see it appear in the.

The XML and copy this URL and leave the store.

Subscribe to Google Sitemaps using the Webmaster Tools
We need a Google account, do not have the following URL to obtain.
https: / / www.google.com / accounts / ManageAccount

Login to a Google Webmaster Tools.

Submit your site to Google to manage Webmaster Tools.
Immediately after the first login, you will see a screen like the following.

Now, Google wants to enter the site to register a site map, "Add Site" button.

The site is registered to check if your site has really managed in accordance with the following screen, you must do.

Check the above method is one of the following.
  • Check by inserting a meta tag
  • Check for confirmation in the HTML file directly under the site

Here, I'll try to verify using HTML how to check the files directly under the site.
From the combo box "HTML upload files" and select the screen is switched.

The file names shown above, the appropriate file.
(The contents of the file is good in the sky. )

Beneath the site and then upload the files created by management.
Once uploaded, the screen below the "Confirm" button, you immediately went to check.

First, it is cumbersome procedures,
Google, Yahoo, MicorSoft so in ways that confirm the same site or, once, do it, but would be easy.

Subscribe to Google Sitemap Webmaster Tools.
Google Webmaster Tools the first screen (dashboard), and then verify that the check box is checked as follows.

Site Map section of the screen above the "Add" button.

The above URL field, I've copied the URL of the XML and set "Submit a Sitemap" and click on the map for some time after the site is loaded, Google automatically indexes your site will be created.

After registration, Google is essentially random.
Not all articles in the Sitemap and Google's index is not, in fact, Google will be a hit in the search, you may need several days later.
10 minutes, the work should have a spare.
Also, I go to update the site each time, and you submit a Sitemap, the index will register early.


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