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Why is Visual Studio Code better than Atom or Sublime Text ?

Published on| August 29th, 2017 | No Comment.
Visual Studio Code

I thinks bad feeling Notepad++ because it often stopped. I think that the any plugin are bad, but I'm not sure.

I can not go back to vim or emacs, because I got used to GUI, and noticed convenience of the splitted window, came to like the structure of source tree.

Recently, I notice to hit many text editors of Chromium when I search with keyword "text editor".

So, those are Atom, Adobe Brackets, Visual Studio Code, Light Table, etc,.

I will check them in this post. But this post will except Light Table below version 1.0 and Adobe Brackets that I do not like Adobe company policy.
And I add Sublime Text beacuse I used it till recently, So I will check 3 text editors, Atom and VSCode and Sublime Text.

In conclusion, I selected VSCode. The selection process(example comparing functions and performances etc,.) may help you if you get lost.

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