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Red OpenOffice Gooo

Published on| May 26th, 2009 | No Comment.
Gooo red that I know of one or OpenOffice? Can be downloaded from the following URL. The actual operation, OpenOffice same.

The difference is the speed (and lighter), had a small enhancement.
The small enhancements, but is also as good.

How to install OpenOffice is also similar.
Here, we introduce ITADAIMASU only enhanced lineup.

Download: http://go-oo.org/download/
Here, "GoOo-en-US-version.exe" and the native lang-pack "GoOo-langpack-ja-3.0.1.exe" (For Japanese) Download and install in order .

If you already have OpenOffice installed, Gooo will be overwritten when you install the.

Summary of Improvements
Function is shown below which has been introduced.

  • SVG support
    SVG format support
  • 3D transitions
    Improved 3D conversion
  • Rich fields support
    Litchfield support
  • Startup performance
    Startup performance enhancement
  • Unix systray quick-starter
    Click Start to display a Unix system tray
  • Calc solver
    Calc optimization solver for
  • Improved Excel interoperability
    Improved Excel compatibility
  • VBA support
    VBA Support
  • Mono integration
    Mono integration
  • GStreamer integration
    GStreamer integration
  • Text Grid rendering
    Improved text rendering of the grid
  • Improved EMF rendering
    Improved EMF rendering (able to see more accurate)
  • MS-Works import
    Response to bring MS-Works format
  • WordPerfect Graphics import
    WordPerfect support to bring in a picture
  • Lotus Word Pro import
    Lotus Word Pro to bring in a format compatible

Various supports have been strengthened and, significantly,
Fast Startup, VBA support, Excel? And major improvements in the conversion process.

Indeed, the launch speed is faster. It is enough to feel, well, I have already.

However, some brushing up on features (deleted) seems to have been.
If you have complaints or speed, are the features I wanted in the above function is recommended.

See page: http://go-oo.org/discover/


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