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PDF Viewer for the PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER try

Published on| April 18th, 2009 | 2 Comments.
Speaking of the PDF viewer, Adobe's AcrobatReader you.
However, it is just slow, heavy, and many are limited function. I think so many people same. (In recent years, much has been improved) Still, users can maintain the format, some believed to prevent tampering PDF (= Acrobat) and continue to use. (PDF format out to replace the others, but also a dominant share of the PDF, not very much to break. )
The author himself, PDF format is to store documents for customers, to maintain the print format, as it looks to save history, I'm not used to the convenience.

In recent years, PDF of the Writer (spit out a PDF file from print) tools, are available free of charge. They have a Writer, Reader, and all before and was looking for.

To find the free Reader may reasonably. FoxitReader and other free Acrobat Reader The future may be known. However, many are used, it's not nearly all. For example, Acrobat Reader, you can see it very well, and is displayed in the image of a garbage garbage, document, and it will disappear and the line. And it is so, is fatal to those used in the printed image and to verify the author. The software is also light the soonest.

This is being looked at as free, I feel, that can tolerate (and rather light, almost the same view with Acrobat Reader), and further, to edit PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER simple, easy I guess I'm going to write.

When you download from the Web site of the first
  • PDFXVwer.zip
You can download the file.
When you unzip it
  • PDFXVwer.exe
    --- PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER installer
  • pdfx_SE.exe
    --- Shell extensions for PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER .

If you simply want to use the light function of the Viewer only, PDFXVwer.exe do I install only.
pdfx_SE.exe Shell extensions is good if you need to install.

This Shell extensions (pdfx_SE.exe) a representative function, I think the ability to reduce the image file in Windows Explorer. Windows you can zoom out to see the details and features such as the Windows Explorer icon. For example, who shows features as small and shrinking. I also want to use (I use) if you come, you should also install this Shell extensions.
Windows and to strengthen cooperation, we can easily and frequently.
However, there is no certain level of machine performance, the work of the past, you might feel a little Taku Shigeru. For those with only light, I think it's unnecessary.

The installer supports both Japanese and comfortable too.
PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER only installer, and then after the screen image.

Here, you select the Japanese.

Here, you choose to accept.

Here, if you change the installation location, set above.

Here, you specify a name to add to the Start menu.
If you do not want to add to the Start menu, "do not create a program group" put a check.

If I do not need to configure the desktop, "Create a DeskTop cion" Remove the check.
pdf extension and, PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER If the association is行ITAKUNAI, "Set PDF-XChange Viewer as default viewer for PDF files" uncheck.
If you do not use the WEB browser to display, "Display in browser" check-off.

Here, Free Version selections.
If you purchase a license, on top of select, fill.

問題NAKERE especially if the "install" click to install.

Without problems, especially when you're installing, the screen above, it is complete.

It actually starts, if the Japanese did not see the main menu, and switch to Japanese Preferences from the menu below.

In this screen,
Choose Custom Language check, select the bottom Japanease, OK I do so.
Also, not Japanese, if switching to English,
Use PDF-XChanger Viewer Default Language and check, OK I do so.
Let's use
Actually try to start, PDF files and try loading is rather mild.
Recent Acrobat Reader, compared to the previous lot, but I feel lighter, I felt lighter than it.
The following screen is a screen image when you import it.

In addition to light, this tool is good, even in free version, Acrobat Reader is not easy to edit.
  • Write the characters (or Japanese)
    Add your own characters, even in later edit
  • Add a comment (or Japanese)
  • Add stamp (you can also add their own stamp on a new image)
  • Underline decorations highlight the existing text off line
Naturally, you can save the edited file.
It can be, or edit an existing character, and add the page.
※ good, must pay the money, you can even around then. Just free (Free) version of a story in the case.

Basically on the menu, as follows: "PRO" in the description of what is available.

Rather than actual use, at trial, I can be sure, it will automatically be added to mark the end of the following documents.

So, without a formal license documentation, evidence is left behind with the work.

Also, when the Japanese entered, the following fixed IME will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, the point is hard to edit. After editing, this time, "undo" that is so often ineffective. So, in fact, in my experience, it could not undo.
(Basic version from overseas, and each is still room for improvement is likely. )

Finally, the PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER is a full and free version available. (Editing is impressive and it is FREE. )
The author also uses the actual, special, (Reader's side) I did not see problem point.
Well, using the free version of another tool, I can not read the PDF correctly hit, many people had, in PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER This is not so far.

However, the new PDF as it may fail to respond to the format, Acrobat Reader is no replacement will be avoided.
Mainly, PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER using, if you have not read any of the Acrobat Reader This is a good stance to use a sword.


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