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Let's create original icon with Sib Icon Editor

Published on| July 19th, 2009 | No Comment.
Free development environment has become much better. This is also in it for the ICON EDITOR, I will do the introduction.
Until now, ICON EDITOR is free (free) ICON EDITOR is low, a satisfactory functional and even did not.
So, this is a free ICON EDITOR, Sib Icon Editor of the popular and easy to write about.
Sib Icon Editor is a free, 4.0, 5.0 or later, will be paid, you must be careful.
Downloaded from the website above, and the latest version 5.0 or later. And use it after the 30-day trial period, will be unusable.

At first, download the current (2009.8.21) at the time, was listed at 4.0 can be downloaded.
I can not be downloaded, and I would appreciate you comments.
Try to download and install
Download from the target, icon-editor.exe Download.
Formal response to the Japanese, has not been made. The volunteers (thanks to her stress goodbye), some (not so perfect), the Japanese have been made.
If you want to use in Japanese, the Japanese version of the target, sibiconeditor40_ja.zip you to download.

Immediately, icon-editor.exe you install and run.

Here, I agree with the above terms and conditions to check, "Next" button.

Here, if you change the installation, set to the above, "Next" button.
※ here, "Next" to begin installation by clicking the button.

When you see this screen, you're done.

If you are Japanese, downloaded from the Japanese version of the sibiconeditor40_ja.zip, Sib Icon Editor installation directory (for example) C: \ Program Files \ Sib Icon Editor), I unpacked it should control .
Thaw and creates the following files.
  • iconeditor.JP
  • Readme.txt
Always, Readme.txt is you have a look. Disclaimer and is listed on the handling of this file.
Let's use
Start, SUTATOMENYU, Sib Icon Editor you click to start the installation directly iconeditor.exe.

The screen displays the file association first, the software. Ico file associations if you like, check the extension on each of the settings please.
If the association is not, please check all.

Next, the dialog for creating new files, if necessary, write them here. If you want to edit an existing AIKONFAIRU, to cancel, open an existing file (to open an existing file and drop)

The following screen is a screen image when you open an image file.

English Version

Japanese Version

In a simple easy to explain how we will create a 32 pixel icon.

The New icon to create a 32 pixel

Here you specify the following two points.
  • Size 32x32
  • True Color + Alpha (32bit)

Let's draw as well create a new file

The use here is the same as the usual tools of the painter.
  • Rectangle
  • Line
  • Pen
  • Eraser

Create and use.

Let's fill in the shading in

I try to fill in the shading of the weak light from the left.

I like this.

Let's continue with the shadow

From the "Drop Shadow" from the menu. Parameters of the screen, the value of it, let's run.

I like this.

Try to blur the entire last

From the "Opacity" is selected. Parameters of the screen, "-60" and select the least.

I like this.

Somehow, it is quite strange to see this icon in the poor picture.
I think that reflects the rich features of this tool.

This part of the screen on the right is linked to a site that sells the product icon.
The free software for profit organizations, in part, will stick to something like this.

For example, does not enable the button to save changes, the expansion of the screen and remain on the desktop and to reduce image lag, a little bug is likely even less around, all this for free The feature could be used once, I would not mind a try.

The articles include the following, C / C + +,整IMASU a free development environment.

Articles: VC + + 2008 Express to compile the sample using WTL and Preferences
Articles: ResEdit resource editor, and VC + + 2008 Exp. To be linked to


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