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Zip Format

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Original Document http://www.pkware.com/company/standards/appnote/appnote.txt
Please download from its site if you want to know detail information.

File:    APPNOTE.TXT - .ZIP File Format Specification
Version: 6.3.1 
Revised: April 11, 2007
Copyright (c) 1989 - 2007 PKWARE Inc., All Rights Reserved.

The use of certain technological aspects disclosed in the current
APPNOTE is available pursuant to the below section entitled
"Incorporating PKWARE Proprietary Technology into Your Product".

I. Purpose

This specification is intended to define a cross-platform,
interoperable file storage and transfer format.  Since its 
first publication in 1989, PKWARE has remained committed to 
ensuring the interoperability of the .ZIP file format through 
publication and maintenance of this specification.  We trust that 
all .ZIP compatible vendors and application developers that have 
adopted and benefited from this format will share and support 
this commitment to interoperability.

II. Contacting PKWARE

     PKWARE, Inc.
     648 N. Plankinton Avenue, Suite 220
     Milwaukee, WI 53203
     +1-414-289-9789 FAX

III. Disclaimer

Although PKWARE will attempt to supply current and accurate
information relating to its file formats, algorithms, and the
subject programs, the possibility of error or omission cannot 
be eliminated. PKWARE therefore expressly disclaims any warranty 
that the information contained in the associated materials relating 
to the subject programs and/or the format of the files created or
accessed by the subject programs and/or the algorithms used by
the subject programs, or any other matter, is current, correct or
accurate as delivered.  Any risk of damage due to any possible
inaccurate information is assumed by the user of the information.
Furthermore, the information relating to the subject programs
and/or the file formats created or accessed by the subject
programs and/or the algorithms used by the subject programs is
subject to change without notice.

If the version of this file is marked as a NOTIFICATION OF CHANGE,
the content defines an Early Feature Specification (EFS) change 
to the .ZIP file format that may be subject to modification prior 
to publication of the Final Feature Specification (FFS).  This
document may also contain information on Planned Feature 
Specifications (PFS) defining recognized future extensions.

IV. Change Log

Version       Change Description                        Date
-------       ------------------                       ----------
5.2           -Single Password Symmetric Encryption    06/02/2003

6.1.0         -Smartcard compatibility                 01/20/2004
              -Documentation on certificate storage

6.2.0         -Introduction of Central Directory       04/26/2004
               Encryption for encrypting metadata
              -Added OS/X to Version Made By values

6.2.1         -Added Extra Field placeholder for       04/01/2005
               POSZIP using ID 0x4690

              -Clarified size field on 
               "zip64 end of central directory record"

6.2.2         -Documented Final Feature Specification  01/06/2006
               for Strong Encryption

              -Clarifications and typographical 

6.3.0         -Added tape positioning storage          09/29/2006

              -Expanded list of supported hash algorithms

              -Expanded list of supported compression

              -Expanded list of supported encryption

              -Added option for Unicode filename 

              -Clarifications for consistent use
               of Data Descriptor records

              -Added additional "Extra Field" 

6.3.1         -Corrected standard hash values for      04/11/2007


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