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Let's try use of HxD of binary editor.

Published on| May 23rd, 2009 | No Comment.
Binary editor(Hex Editor) and speaking, in Japan, Stirling is a tool, I think it's very popular free software. However, Stirling, since 1999, and stopped development. Long, have not been updated since, and has been resistant to large files.

So long that it would be good binary software, I find. Hard, for a fee, but also to their tumor, and the free software is surprisingly low.

The software also described, Stirling has not completely won. In the ease of use, Stirling is勝RIMASEN, handling of large files, long, and won. Also, it is simple, personally I have a favorite. Features
  • Available as a portable and installable edition
  • RAM-Editor
    • To edit the main memory
    • Memory sections are tagged with data-folds
  • Disk-Editor (Hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP-disks, USB flash drives, CDs, ...)
    • RAW reading and writing of disks and drives
    • for Win9x, WinNT and higher
  • Instant opening regardless of file-size
    • Up to 8EB; opening and editing is very fast
  • Liberal but safe file sharing with other programs
  • Flexible and fast searching/replacing for several data types
    • Data types: text (including Unicode), hex-values, integers and floats
    • Search direction: Forward, Backwards, All (starting from the beginning)
  • File compare (simple)
  • View data in Ansi, DOS, EBCDIC and Macintosh character sets
  • Checksum-Generator: Checksum, CRCs, Custom CRC, SHA-1, SHA-512, MD5, ...
  • Exporting of data to several formats
    • Source code (Pascal, C, Java, C#, VB.NET)
    • Formatted output (plain text, HTML, Richtext, TeX)
    • Hex files (Intel HEX, Motorola S-record)
  • Insertion of byte patterns
  • File tools
    • File shredder for safe file deletion
    • Splitting or concatenating of files
  • Basic data analysis (statistics)
    • Graphical representation of the byte/character distribution
    • Helps to identify the data type of a selection
  • Byte grouping
    • 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 bytes packed together into one column
  • "Hex only" or "text only"-modes
  • Progress-window for lengthy operations
    • Shows the remaining time
    • Button to cancel
  • Modified data is highlighted
  • Unlimited undo
  • "Find updates..."-function
  • Easy to use and modern interface
  • Goto address
  • Printing
  • Overwrite or insert mode
  • Cut, copy, paste insert, paste write
  • Clipboard support for other hex editors
    • Visual Studio/Visual C++, WinHex, HexWorkshop, ...
  • Bookmarks
    • Ctrl+Shift+Number (0-9) sets a bookmark
    • Ctrl+Number (0-9) goes to a bookmark
  • Navigating to nibbles with Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Right
  • Flicker free display and fast drawing

First, from the download site and download the setup file. There are versions in Japanese, the Japanese are good downloads there.

The installer for Japanese, it is comfortable.
The following are the latest screen shots.

Here, you choose to accept.

Here, if you change the installation location, set above.

Here, you specify a name to add to the Start menu.
If you do not want to add to the Start menu, "do not create a program group" put a check.

If I do not need a desktop configuration, "Create a desktop icon on the" Remove the check.
If I do not need a set of icons QuickLunch on, "QuickLunch to create an icon to" Remove the check.

If you have not proble,please click the "install" to install.

Without problems, especially when you're installing, the screen above, it is complete.

When I see the following screen will be invoked.

Looking at the menu or toolbar, you can feel the simplicity of this tool.

So, immediately, let's use it.

Actually try to start, 3G and try to load the binary file is very light.
Recently, we had to check the color and binary editor, you think so, especially in light of this, I feel very comfortable.

3G itself to load the binary editor, free software, not really.
It is also surprising to read it soon. And they are using technology such as MAPPUDOFAIRU, but, still, I felt fast.

In Stirling, 3G is a file from読MEMASEN, 60M I compared the loading level.
By visual estimation, I compare the speed and memory consumption by loading the task manager.

Stirling, before the show, it took about 3-4 seconds.
HxD, to see, it took about a second.

Stirling, the memory, 583M to 638M and the increase, and consumption of about 55M.
HxD, the memory, 580M to 584M and the increase, and consumption of about 4M.
Memory consumption of Stirling

HxD memory consumption

The performance, as above, rather, HxD Stirling is a better result. However, in terms of functionality and can display in Stirling, HxD is often not.

For example, compare the resulting file, Stirling, and simultaneously highlighted in the scroll, was so that you can tell the difference. HxD does not. HxD, in comparison, moving to the next difference, however, features such as scroll and tied with color screen and is not stressed. Also, Stirling, with the structure, clarity, and I could see, HxD, there is no such function.

This feature is fine for those who need it may be impossible. I now have the combination.
In view of that, if a small binary, still, Stirling is also alive and well, and use.

However, the maintenance and future development has been stopped to keep the Stirling, a little, some resistance. Now, HxD I think the transition to complete.

And USB, HxD when the carry, HxD should持CHI運BE is one executable file.
When you click the executable file, the screen displays the following information to be set to notify the INI file.

This screen "OK" and click on the directory where the executable file HxD.ini.

In addition, there are a variety of functions.
For example, output to the source code. The development language for binary file, you can use to convert.
Below, C is the image files when you convert to a language.
(Middle are removed. )
/* C:\temp.txt (2008/02/29 10:59:32)
   StartOffset: 00000000, EndOffset: 00000058, Length: 00000059 */
unsigned char rawData[89] = {
	0x23, 0x23, 0x20, 0x53, 0x61, 0x6D, 0x70, 0x6C, 0x65, 0x20, 0x5A, 0x69,
	0x22, 0x43, 0x3A, 0x5C, 0x73, 0x61, 0x6D, 0x70, 0x6C, 0x65, 0x2E, 0x6A,
	0x70, 0x67, 0x22, 0x0D, 0x0A

In addition, CRC and other features are also checked. Like a binary file and the actual implementation of the CRC calculation can be checked.

It is free software, it is expected that the variety is tested?


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