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Embed article in Joomla! Code (reserved) to display the

Published on| April 11th, 2009 | No Comment.

Joomla! In the article, a variety of Joomla! Can embed reserved words in specific, and running modules, and dynamic information to be embedded in the article.
It's in the article to describe its function, to see the embedded code, I pondered what to do. (The answer was simple. )
(And other various sites, various Joomla! In the article, the expression of the embed code () Or put a space before and after, to see the full-width, of which some were. )
Show embed code in the article
For example, to place the module in the article, the following code to embed.

(Loadposition myposition)
* Myposition: it is specified in the first place.

This, in order to introduce in the article, and try to see the code, for example, pre and embed tags, Joomla!, But trying to load the module.

That if the following code will work.
<span>{</span><span>loadposition myposition}</span><br />

But we relish the way above, we should also have good extensions?
We is using this way because we could not find another way. Please tell us if you know another way.


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