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ResEdit resource editor, and VC + + 2008 Exp. To be linked to

Published on| April 27th, 2009 | No Comment.
Recently, WTL environment for free, and started writing a little article. So, Visual C + + 2008 Express if you use, there is no resource editor that can not make a right.
In fact, I thought that I should edit the text in the resource file does not have a degree and become acclimated, it may cause inconvenience to戻RENAKU old.
So, this is a free resource editor, ResEdit popular I would like to write a brief.
Articles: VC + + 2008 Express to compile the sample using WTL and Preferences
Immediately, try to download and use
Download from the target, Unicode Build your download.
Basically, if you deal with the Japanese, ANSI build version, and will be treated if you have to understand the garbled, the system absolutely OS except 95 who were necessarily in the development, Unicode Build I downloaded version is better.

Separately, Unicode Build version because the resource file will spit out, Unicode / Ascii choose.
However, the internal control of the UNICODE character is just like doing.
(It is explained at the end. )

Once downloaded, unzip the file to the appropriate folder, ResEdit.exe can start a file, the resource editor (ReEdit) starts. (No installer)
The GUI menu can be changed to the Japanese environment.

  1. From the menu [Options ...] - [Preferences ...] Select the

  2. Left from the [General] Select the right of the screen [User Interface Language:] Click the combo box

    Select the Japanese and click OK.

After this work, ResEdit to quit, again, I have switched to the Japanese to start.

In the following steps, you can easily create a resource file.

  1. New Project from the menu select File - [New Project] Click.

    And specify the appropriate resource files in a directory, the "Save" button.

    This will create an empty resource file.

  2. Add a resource menu [File] - Add resource] Click.

    This time, let's create a dialog window for testing. [Dialogue] Click.

    If watching this screen, it will be noticed, Visual C + + is identical to the resource editor.
    Then, Visual C + + is the same as using the resource editor.
    The alignment of the item from the toolbar and drag "Align Left" button and click.

  3. Finally saved from the menu [File] - [Save] Click.

    Toolbar "C + + save" button.
    This is, for example, create a resource so they say in the dialog and create the source code to create a dial.

    The output example)
    	// Generated by ResEdit
    	// Copyright (C) 2006-2008
    	// http://www.resedit.net
    	HINSTANCE hInst = GetModuleHandle(0);
    	WNDCLASSEX wcex;
    	ZeroMemory(&wcex, sizeof wcex);
    	wcex.cbSize         = sizeof wcex;
    	wcex.hbrBackground  = (HBRUSH)(COLOR_3DFACE + 1);
    	wcex.lpszMenuName   = 0;
    	wcex.style          = CS_HREDRAW | CS_VREDRAW;
    	wcex.lpfnWndProc    = DefWindowProc;
    	wcex.hInstance      = hInst;
    	wcex.hIcon          = LoadIcon(0, (LPCTSTR)IDI_APPLICATION);
    	wcex.hCursor        = LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW);
    	wcex.lpszClassName  = WndClass00;
    	HFONT hfont0 = CreateFont(-11, 0, 0, 0, 400, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, 1, 400, 0, 0, 0, ("Ms Shell Dlg 2"));
    	HWND hwnd = CreateWindowEx(0, ("WndClass0"), ("Dialog"), WS_VISIBLE | WS_BORDER | WS_CAPTION | WS_DLGFRAME | WS_POPUP | WS_SYSMENU, 0, 0, 285, 186, 0, 0, hInst, 0);
    	HWND hCtrl0_0 = CreateWindowEx(0, WC_BUTTON, ("OK"), WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_TABSTOP | BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON, 194, 11, 75, 23, hwnd, (HMENU)IDOK, hInst, 0);
    	SendMessage(hCtrl0_0, WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)hfont0, FALSE);
    	HWND hCtrl0_1 = CreateWindowEx(0, WC_BUTTON, ("Cancel"), WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_TABSTOP | BS_PUSHBUTTON, 194, 39, 75, 23, hwnd, (HMENU)IDCANCEL, hInst, 0);
    	SendMessage(hCtrl0_1, WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)hfont0, FALSE);
    	HWND hCtrl0_2 = CreateWindowEx(0, WC_BUTTON, ("Button1"), WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_TABSTOP | BS_PUSHBUTTON, 59, 60, 71, 33, hwnd, (HMENU)IDC_BUTTON1, hInst, 0);
    	SendMessage(hCtrl0_2, WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)hfont0, FALSE);
    	HWND hCtrl0_3 = CreateWindowEx(0, WC_STATIC, ("Static"), WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_GROUP | SS_LEFT, 59, 16, 83, 26, hwnd, (HMENU)IDC_STATIC, hInst, 0);
    	SendMessage(hCtrl0_3, WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)hfont0, FALSE);
Let's worked with VC++ 2008 Express
Actually, VC + +, double-click a file in VC + + resource you can edit the resource editor is started immediately.
VC + + and is using it, I think it近DZUKETAI.
Although not completely, by double-clicking the resource file, ResEdit can be configured to start is possible.

Let's set

  1. Open the project file has the appropriate resource file
  2. Select a resource file from the Solution Explorer, right-click

  3. Select Open from the file "Add" and then click

  4. Add a program from the program: "ResEdit.exe" specifies the full path to the.
    Display Name: "ResEdit.exe" bad person and that "resource editor (ResEdit)" and specify.

    Finally, "OK" button.
  5. Return the application to open a file selection screen,
    From the left, select the name set in the display name of the program added.
    (In cases where the "resource editor (ResEdit)")
    The right of the screen "Set as default" Click

If you set up here, and another to open the project file, and double-click the ResEdit resource file will be started.

If you have WTL editor of this resource and the environment, WIN32 GUI application of, VC + + MFC at the level of 6.0 if you are already familiar with development, probably in a short period, will be able to create Perhaps.
However, VC + + is linked to the source code editor with more resources, but there is not.
For example, if you click the button on the dialog resource editor, to incorporate features such as source code.

The encoding and how to resource file, format, from the menu options ...] - [Preferences ...] Select the.
From left, "Code genneration" from the menu.

VC + + If you are familiar with the default format of the resource, "Code Style" to "Pascal: BEGIN ... END" If selected, the output file will have the familiar resources.
Also, UNICODE output is if you want to, "Default Encoding" to "UTF-8", "UTF-16" they will do if I choose to convert.
If the conversion to UNICODE, you should be aware of the BOM as specified below.
※ generally treated with VC + + is UNICODE, UTF-16, BOM and you.

This is, ResEdit is not just for VC + + for means that are not.

Articles: VC + + 2008 Express to compile the sample using WTL and Preferences


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