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FTP client FileZilla try use.

Published on| April 17th, 2009 | No Comment.
The FTP client in Japan, where it is particularly famous FFFTP, this is the famous overseas FileZilla FTP client I use.
What it's like, FFFTP and I would feel the difference between MORAERE.

Implementation of the downloaded setup file to install
Installation itself is English, it would have installed as the default settings.
Supposedly, I'll put a brief description below.

License Agreement screen. Especially if you have not problem, "Agree" and click Next to proceed

Used by the PC user to install all of the (upper), or the current user only (bottom) and check, "Next" and click Next to proceed to

Add a check for installation. Is enough to check the default, if you need a desktop shortcut to the "DeskTop" check, "Next" and click Next to proceed to

If you want to change the destination folder, where you specify. After the designation, "Next" and click Next to proceed to

Specify the name of start menu items. If you do not install the Start menu, the bottom "Do not create shortcut" check, "Install" to run the installation by clicking the

Running the installation screen.

Installation Complete screen. "Finish" and click on the FileZilla starts

Set of sites, as shown in the upper left corner [File - Site Manager] Start the Site Manager screen, as shown lower left, "New Site" button.
At a minimum, should enter is the following.
Should set the new site
New site name Specify the name of the new site
Hostname FTP host name, or, IP addresses
Port To specify the FTP server port number (unless you are set to change the port number is specifically required)
Server Type
As mentioned above, the type that supports FTP server.
Simple FTP providers that do not correspond to the server type is better used in terms of security there.
In general, a simple FTP server so that no provider, if the question is, "FTP" Let.
Logon type
As mentioned above, or to specify what time you log on the server side.
In general, the "normal" user, enter a password below.
Comments And keep the comments about this site appears in a tooltip

Once entered, the "connection" to verify the settings on the "OK" to save.

If you can not connect, most of the port number or error, error log type, through a proxy (that can be ignored in the details tab) I think the problem.
Check the site administrator or provider, please check whether it is correct to enter one by one.
Upload, download and try

The left, in their own PC folder (directory).
The right screen, FTP site folder (directory).

Try uploading
From the left, or folder you want to upload, select the file, try right-clicking.
When I see the following screen.

"Upload" to implement the upload button.
"Add files to the queue" and, later to run together, like to keep an appointment. (After the tool bar and a room, the menu Transfer - to handle the queue] Please implement the upload. )

At this time, I want to upload your site folder on the right screen (directory) so well that you forget the combination, and I want attention.
I remember well, and then uploaded to a folder or a different kind.

Try downloading
Screen from the right, or folder you want to download, select the file, try right-clicking.
When I see the following screen.

"Download" to implement the download button.
"Add files to the queue" and, later to run together, like to keep an appointment. (After the tool bar and a room, the menu Transfer - to handle the queue] Please implement the download. )

At this time, the right to download the PC screen so that you often tend to forget with a folder, I want attention.
I remember well, you can download to a different folder entirely.

Synchronized Browzing useful
Synchronized Browzing is the ability they have to switch in conjunction with a local directory to remote directory.
For example, FTP after connecting to the host, switch to a local disk and will automatically switch to the remote directory.

To use this feature, you must have the following settings.

Menu [File] - [Site Manager] Click to open the Site Manager screen.

In the left screen, select the FTP site settings.
In the right screen, select the Advanced tab.

Standard local directory:
Standard remote directory:
Set the directory and each of the above criteria.

For example, FTP site root directory of the WEB site "/ home / user / www" in the local backup directory "C: \ wwww" and it was.

In this case, set as follows.
Standard local directory: C: \ wwww
Standard remote directory: / home / user / www

Finally, Use Synchronized Browzing check the "OK" button.

Let's connect
After a set of dialing.
When connected to a remote host, you can also change the local directory and remote directory to the directory you set in advance.

If you do not set anything, the local disk was last used directory. The remote end, when I log directory.

Please click on the directory. Local, remote or even good. Change directory to the other, automatically, I would also change the other directories.

If you click on the directory does not exist to the same directory name, an error below.

After this, switch to the same directory where the directory name, and linked to the switch first.

I like for people often forget to switch, I felt like a very nice feature.
Synchronized Browzing If you want to connect to the state,
Menu [View] - [Synchronized Browzing] and then removing the check, you can cancel at any time.
Also, Synchronized Browzing If you use a connection from the state,
Local and remote directory with the menu as a reference [view] - [Synchronized Browzing] and then put a check can be enabled at any time.

FFFTP difference is?
Frankly, I do not see much difference.
However, it is open source software, and would have checked the source code of the people, my own Thank you very much to the FFFTP, where, FFFTP, in the middle , why would I wait (In the case of any error, even in silence) have often.
Therefore, a variety of open-source FTP client software FileZilla finding were found. SFTP in a secure and that they also, that I ever used.
When they use the actual, FFFTP minutes were used to, "right click" it was a little embarrassed, get used to and comfortable.
Learning FFFTP, I might as well try. ?


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