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The GIMP Paint Shop Pro (. Psp) native GIMP files (. Xcf) to convert

Published on| April 19th, 2009 | No Comment.
Speaking of image editing software, Adobe's PhotoShop you.
However, I, Paint Shop Pro is the favorite. The Paint Shop Pro, Corel since it was acquired, and long, but they changed the end user, in contrast, have been personally difficult to use. So, still, Ver7 and love.

Now, GIMP, and when thinking about switching to, assets before the Paint Shop Pro files and GIMP is thought to want to convert, as a result failed.

In WIKIPEDIA, there was a description with "GIMP support the psp file". However, I was not able to read the psp file so that I might have thought.

So, since the verification of some of the trouble is if you like, for your edification.

Empirical results
In fact, PSP files GIMP leave following table summarizes the results when the load.
I tried different versions of the actual results, Ver5 to let the PSP and found it works. (If not using the layer name and a string of Japanese)
Therefore, the cause of the failure to check whether there are any around, PSP files, Ver7 been verified.
※ GIMP version: V2.6.6

Whether Vector Layer Layer Japanese name Reading results in the GIMP
× ×
× ×
This results from the absence of a string of Japanese Vector Layer, I learned that it works.
In addition, PhotoShop PSD format if the conversion, I will also do well with the Japanese name of the layer.
※ When you convert, Vector Layer the Note would be converted to Raster Layer.

This time, Ver7 have tried, maybe, I think a similar result in higher versions.
Please give me comment if you tried.
GIMP is not a vector image editing software, basically speaking of the individual, as resistant to vector images, and we may feel natural.

However, Paint Shop Pro is the favorite, "Only if this Vector Layer" And I think many of you have been, I think the GIMP and also there is a problem with the switch.

In writing this article, we refer to the article below.
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