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How to convert from RealPlayer's video format to other popular video formats.

Published on| April 26th, 2010 | 2 Comments.
To introduce this, RMVB Converter is a.
The Converter RMVB, RealPlayer can be played in the RealPlayer format only file rm, rmvb files to WMV, move, MP4 (MPEG4), AVI (MPEG2) format can be changed to general others.

Rm files free software, rmvb files can be converted in less software, Converter RMVB This is a complete free software (not required when using what) is.
The software is very simple and no set 設定Rashii. You can easily use the screen to see everyone.

Old file rm, rmvb files, and burn to DVD, such as when ー Video is very useful.
Immediately, let's use it.

First, from the installation
Download the file download that is mentioned above.
RMVB Converter leave briefly described installation.

"Next" button.

If you change the installation, set here. If everything works in particular, "Next" button.

The name of the Start menu item. If everything works in particular, "Next" button.

If you want to create a desktop icon, check here. After checking, "Next" button.

Set up to display information here. If everything works in particular, "Install", and then run the installation.

If you can install without problems, the above screen appears. "Finish" is complete, click.
Let's convert
The conversion is simple.
RMVB Converter screen appears when you start following.

Set the necessary items "Convert" button only.

Let me explain briefly what you need.

  • Source RMVB Video
    RealPlayer can be played in the RealPlayer format only file rm, rmvb files to specify the full path.
  • Output Folder
    Destination folder name (directory name) Specifies the full path.
  • Output Format
    Select the output format.

    • MP4 (MPEG4)
    • AVI (MPEG2)
    • DivX (Digital Video Express)
    • Xvid
    • H.264/AVC
    • WMV (Windows Media Video)
    • WMV (Format for Xbox 360 requires)
    • FLV (Flash Video)
    • MP4 (Format for Sony PSP requires)
    • MOV (QuickTime)
    • 3GP (Mobile Phone)
    • MP3 (Only Audio)

That's it.
Then, "Convert" button to do, Output Folder will be saved to a file name extension was converted automatically to the output format specified in the folder.

For example, WMV (Windows Media Video) If you convert to
. Rm ->. Wmv
Will be converted to.

If the conversion fails, an error appears.

In fact, many tried to convert rm files.
As a result, recent ones, such as the message is printed Kodikkuera, it seems that patterns can not be converted.

The old one, because most conversion was, personally, are very satisfied. Conversion from short time.

Rm old file to the DVD burning software I think modestly.


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    RMVB Codecこのソフトがまだ生きていますか?

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