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mpeg2 from VOB (DVD-Video) to try to convert

Published on| May 8th, 2009 | 1 Comment.
Recently, DVD Album wrote an article about. DVD Album format is handled, mpeg (DVD-Video formats are limited) could only.
It can not treat General mpeg2 files. Therefore, mepg2 the file if one tries to edit the DVD, once, I have to convert.
In the first article of the mpeg (DVD-Video formats are limited) is that, in general, VOB are known as the format, video format is stored in mpeg2 format.

So, VOB's, mpeg2 you something different.

The VOB, mpeg2 is a wide range of acceptable speech, additional information (information such as subtitles and audio split) and DVD-Video includes such information as may be declared. VOB, once in Japan, LPCM (linear PCM) or AC-3 (AC3) and given the circumstances, MP2 (most mpeg2 audio format) was also unable to play. (In recent years, mostly in consumer electronics that can play the story MP2 Listen)

So, to convert the popular use Any Video Converter, It can convert and then you can certainly convert.
The set of parameters (most of the bit rate) by changing the file size.
By each tool, encode (format conversion), so I think a different way, is not nothing, that the file size is different, the original information, but is set to note that it is not you need.

Such a conversion tool to respond to various file formats, how to convert, the conversion to a common internal format, you also have to convert.
Therefore, what happens to the file size changes. (I imagine. It may therefore take longer to convert. )

Now, as mentioned earlier, mpeg2 video, is supposed to be good at it, because there are some differences in format, but not exactly the same size, roughly, is the same size should be able to convert .
So this, mpeg2 from VOB (DVD-Video) to convert to the file size is almost the same about how I would like to write.

Overview of how to convert
To describe the destination, VOB mpeg2 video format and also it is the same, to divide the audio and video portions, VOB formats (forms) should be put to mean, you see less.

Let us briefly describes the actual procedure.

  1. Splitting a file to mpeg2 video files
    - [Tool] MPEG StreamClip (QuickTime Alternative included)
  2. AC3 audio files to convert to
    - MP2 as good, you can skip this task.
    - [Tool] ffmpegGUI
  3. And video files for converting audio files to AC3 VOB to merge to form
    - [Tool] ImagoMPEG-Muxer
Download all the downloaded files are written.
Among them, those that require installation, QuickTime Alternative only.
After that, unzip to an appropriate directory, you can leave.

QuickTime Alternative and leave a brief description of the installation.
Basically, follow the install screen, "Full Install" must be done.

Please note that V1.81. This new version, mpeg2 encoding / decoding is not working properly.
"Next" button.

Especially if you have not problem, "Next" button.

If you change the installation location is set here. Especially if you have not problem, "Next" button.

(All you really need is, "Aditional plugins", but) where to check. After the check, "Next" button.

Specify the name of start menu items. if you do not install at the Start menu, the bottom "Do not create shortcut" check, "Next" button.

Here, there is no particular need to check, a check by default, so they removed the check.
"Next" button.

Information appears on the set so far. Especially if you have not problem, "Install", and then run the installation.

If you can install without problems, the above screen appears. "Finish" to complete a click.

---%MPEG_Streamclipunzipdirectory%\MPEG_Streamclip.exe run on double click from Windows Explorer.
  • Open the converted mpeg2 files

    --- From the menu [File] - [Open Files] Click on a file.
  • Split the mpeg2 video and audio files

    --- From the menu [File] - [Demux] - [Demux to M2V MPA] Click to specify the output file name.

  • if you have not problem In particular, the file name specified above, will create two files.

    A voice from MP2 into AC3 (only those required)
    1. Run the ffmpegGUI.exe

      ---% FfmpegGUI unzip directory% \ ffmpegGUI.exe run on double click from Windows Explorer.

    2. MPA was created earlier to change the file extension to mp2

    3. Open the file extension change

      --- [Borwse] Click the button to specify the file.

    4. Specifies the format to be converted

      Parameter name Value
      Format AC3
      Bitrate 224
      Sampling rate 48000
      Audio Chanels Two
      "Format" and "Bitrate", sure it's correct.
      Except, in most cases, the default value should be good.
    5. AC3 to specify the output file name

      --- [Borwse] Click the button to specify the file.
      --- Does not recognize the file name directly. Sure, [Borwse] Specifies the button.

    6. Converts AC3

      --- [Convert] Click the button to specify the file.

    if you have not problem In particular, the file name specified above, will create a single file.

    Error is logged to the field in the lower left of the screen. Go to the bottom of the KASORU, "error" if there are no characters should be OK.

    Split (converted)) to combine video, VOB file
    1. Run the ImagoMPEG-Muxer.exe

      ---%ImagoMPEG-Muxerunzipdirectory%\ImagoMPEG-Muxer.exe run on double click from Windows Explorer.

    2. Split open the m2v file

      --- [Select Video Source] Click the button to specify the file.

    3. Split (converted) audio file (mpa or ac3) to specify the

      --- [Add Audio Source] Click the button to specify the file.
      --- If there was audio and video files in the same directory you specified earlier, is set automatically. (To determine just the extension)
      --- Often can not see the file name is hard to verify, you can also add, it is acceptable for voice-only settings that you want to add.
      --- [Remove Audio Source] Click the button, sound files, delete unwanted things from the list.

    4. VOB to specify the destination directory

      --- [Select Output Path] Click the button to specify the output directory.

    5. Converts VOB

      --- [VOB (Video Object)] Click, [Mulutiplex! ] Click the button to specify the file.

    if you have not problem In particular, the file name specified above, will create a single file.

    In this way, a little, but it is cumbersome and annoying, please see the file size.
    (filename)       (kb)
    sample.mpg       12,215  -- origin.
    sample.m2v       11,388  -- divided image file.
    sample.mpa(mp2)     683  -- divided audio file.
    sample.ac3          683  -- converted audio file.
    sample.vob(+mp2) 12.366  -- VOB file that mp2 and image file mixed.
    sample.vob(+ac3) 12.366  -- VOB file that ac3 and image file mixed.
    Thus, almost the same as the original mpeg2.
    Furthermore, the degradation of the image do not exist,and the degradation of the audio do not exist if you use mp2 file.

    Finally, this way, but say there is no right way.
    Using this tool (software) is all free software, and output is not a funny ad.
    Tool with features similar to the other (software) is full. I like using the line-up of the above, and it gave me a better result.
    In other tools, mpeg files are often not well split pattern.
    Please tell me if you have another way or another software for a better result.


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