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Automation of GUI application by RecKey

Published on| May 17th, 2010 | No Comment.
This time, I will introduce the tools of "RecKey".
This software had released from long before, But, I was not imaginable of the usage of this tool for my poor imagination.

I recommend you to read the quotation from "readme.txt" if you hear this tool name for the first time.
RecKey is a program of recording and playing the key stroke from the keyboard.
The recorded data can be reproduced anytime by preserving in the file.
Also the key input can be automated.

In fact, this tools has the functions like a above-word. But, I mistook the meaning of the word.

You might notice that this tool has not enough functions as a tool for the test.
But if you want to automate the GUI application(without CUI), this tool will be very useful.

This time, this RecKey that the use of the tools I would like to RMVB Converter can be easily automated.

Let's install

The installation simply unzip the downloaded file to the appropriate directory.

The default setting is within the directory where you unzipped RecKey.exe initial setup will automatically run.

Let's Automate

The easiest way to explain.

Let's record the action
  1. RecKey.exe run.

  2. Start the application you want to automate.
    Here, RMVB Converter from your example, RMVB Converter start.
  3. Click the Record button on the screen.

  4. RMVB Converter manipulate.
    In this case, essentially using a mouse, do all the keystrokes.
    And using copy and paste, first, do without the key.

    If ※, you need a sample video, here it is a free sample video, please try.
  5. After the operation, RecKey stop recording button.

    And "save as" Click the button once, then save the file.

    File name at this time, everything is good. Here, test and Named.
Let's check

Previously saved file, the installation directory is stored DataFolder.

<Active "TRMVBForm","RMVB Converter 1.8">
C:\temp\rmbconv\rm_rv40_cook.rm{Tab 2}C:\temp\rmbconv\{Tab 2}{ }{Tab}{Enter 2}

Probably would have been saved as a text like the above record.
(File name, except the directory name)

This, let's run the following procedure.

  1. RecKey.exe run.
  2. Screen "Open File" Click the file you saved previously recorded (for example, test) to open.

  3. Screen "Play" Button.

Perhaps, that I stopped in the following screen.

This is the last information recorded is not being recorded as expected.
(Enter 2)
It is, "Enter" means to press the key twice, "Convert" message box appears with the conversion exit button "OK" and then clicking the button means.

Here, I did do the following steps.

  1. "Convert" button is pressed
  2. Wait for message box
  3. When you see the message box, OK button is pressed

This tool is useful but, when these are displayed in the message box is where you will automatically create the code to wait for the screen.

By editing

Key file which recorded is a text file.
Normal text editor (such as Notepad) can be easily edited.

By editing the file that records the key to work as described above.

  1. RECKEYHH.EXE run.
    Located in the installation directory.
    ※ RecKey.exe and please note different.

  2. The left menu "Reset Editor" Click

  3. The bottom right " " Drag it to the text you are editing configuration files and icons contain information that would drop editor.
    Click the OK button.
  4. The left menu "Window 1 queuing" Click

  5. Bottom of the screen "to retrieve only the parent window." ※ message to the child window and uncheck the box, here is remove the check.

  6. The bottom right " " Drag the icon to the screen and wait and drop the window title / class information would be entered.
  7. On the screen, "the following settings:>>" Click to change but not specifically.
  8. On the screen, "the following settings:>>" Click

  9. Bottom of the screen, "Wait up." Here, enter the maximum time required for the proper conversion.
    Here, 180 (s) if you do so, enter 180.

  10. On the screen, "send to editor" Paste the information that I edited the text specified in paragraph 1, click the button.

    The final contents of a file record
    <Active "TRMVBForm","RMVB Converter 1.8">
    C:\temp\rmbconv\rm_rv40_cook.rm{Tab 2}C:\temp\rmbconv\{Tab 2}{ }{Tab}{Enter}<WaitForWindow "#32770","INFORMATION",180>{Enter}
    Two 2 (Enter) Have been made between <WaitForWindow "#32770","INFORMATION",180>.

Please read the file and try running it again.
Maybe then we'll work as expected.

This tool, once you work with another screen while playing, it will send keystrokes to the screen.
While playing, the other drawback is that it can not work there. : D
It is important to use virtualization as well.
Thus, similar to the batch file you can easily create a GUI version.

Converter RMVB, especially when I, I had a lot of old videos, I was wondering on what to do, led me to think better to use this tool.

If the GUI to work in the pattern once, you may as well be tested.


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