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DVD Album with mpeg from a DVD menu to create a

Published on| May 7th, 2009 | No Comment.
DVD Album, multiple mpeg (DVD-Video formats are limited) from the menu (thumbnail) with free software to create a DVD.

Video (mpeg, etc.) the file menu (thumbnail) to be a simple editing, DVD with free software and can be summarized, in addition to low.
In one of the few, and tried in many, DVD Album, easy intuitive menu editing, DVD could easily be created.
This is the DVD Album I want to write about.
Immediately, try using
Installation, download from the above, to download, please run.
Need to set up something special, so I think I would like to skip the explanation.

So, after installation, DVD Album you start, you'll see a screen like the following.
The following procedure, the menu (thumbnail) to try to create.

Select the menu background
- You can select the following.
  • Solid Color - specify color
  • Gradient fill - specifies a gradient
    - Horizontal Gradient Horizontal
    - Vertical Gradient Vertical
  • Image - specify image
    - Specifies the image file
    - Image files, the proportions are 1.3333 x 1.0 and use of clean収MARIMASU. Other is filled with background color.

Paste the video
- Select the video file.
- Here you can select the video, mpeg (DVD-Video formats are limited) only.
※ format must be careful.

Set the Video Option
- TV System, the U.S. is Japan, "NTSC" from the menu.
- Aspect ratio is the ratio of screen size. 4: 3TV is the ratio of standard analog TV.
- TV safe zone, there are some differences in the size of the TV. Here, I'll specify that the error would be nice to see on TV to the whole?
※ If this was 0%, and the TV, may見切RE.

Project Option Set
- Return to menu ..... the title after a play, or to go back to the menu? Services.
※ If you put a check here, select the title, after regeneration, to return to the menu. If you do not check, since all attempts to play the selected video.

Create a DVD
- Burn DVD, direct, DVD writes.
- Save DVD, Once, DVD burning and create an image to your hard disk.
※ Save DVD using one-time, after the DVD was not what it's like writing to you is correct.
Tools of the DVD playback, DVD-Drive, has been included from, so the hard drive to actually try to play the DVD image.
Write to DVD, this is not software, DVD-Drive, I think a good WRITING Tool are included.

And to insert the text above the menu BGM (music) set the font飾RITSUKE (and converted to a picture or button to put the shadow), and you can change the color of each video frame.
The software is menu (thumbnail), one can not only create a DVD for only one page.
In addition to the above, it is not function. So you can not make DVD more better except that.
Also, mpeg format in Video (NTSC, PAL) to reject a format other than the work required to convert the video before hand.
However, I feel so good at this software. Because this tool is free, and this tool has enough functions for the editor of an amateur like me. Do you think it?


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