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SEO for beginners to check on measures before 10

Published on| November 22nd, 2009 | 1 Comment.

Original article is here.

That is written here, but it is written very basic, Google, Yahoo Search and over, and surprisingly, the site is to help me clean only items which can not be found.
Anti-site SEO is, I have filled, mostly, that I have written a very geeky, and articles for affiliate.

SEO should be confirmed before item measures 10

  1. Age of the domain name – age of the domain name (Domeineiji) is The older, the higher authority, visibility tends to be faster.
  2. Normalization – "www"In domain name, "www"No domain name, you decide whether to unify both.Rather different from when it was decided to access the URL, to be redirected towards the reunification. Htaccess file it is desirable to set ( "www"If you decide to in the "www"No access to "www"In redirecting).
  3. To understand this situation – to make sure search engines do not receive a penalty in the past.Own keywords to ensure visibility and to allow their brand names, one place Renakattara suspect appears in two place.
  4. Do not interfere with the search engine index – Flash or frames to avoid.Not use the JavaScript menu bar.
  5. Past research SEO – SEO ever find out what were the measures.The following major items should be investigated.
    • title tags that contain the keywords they are different with every page
    • What is the meta description is described
    • What are the links between pages that contain the keyword in the anchor text from the story
    • I have used enough keywords in the article
    • You can have a logical navigation structure using the keyword
  6. URL structure – URL with "?""=""&"Without such Kuerisutoringusu." / product.php?id = 2343 & color = 23489 "Than with the product name " / video-games.html"Easy to understand better.
  7. Broken link – the URL is an external link from there to make sure the page properly.I use the Google Webmaster Tools.If the URL does not exist outside was linked to that URL to access the relevant page or redirect page 301.
  8. Check crawl – Google Webmaster Tools and to investigate whether the site is crawled properly.
  9. Linked to research – Yahoo! Saitoekusupurora use and investigate the number of inbound links and anchor text.
  10. Keywords that are ranking – find out which keywords are already made visibility.If some come out on top, makes it easier to raise.

Beginners like me is to learn so much writing.


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