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Published on| October 25th, 2009 | No Comment.

Compress the CSS site, now has full.
First of all, it became the butt is, yuicompressor is.

And remember to say gz and zip compression and compression, where compression is reduced?What can and should be represented.
Just because the compression, zip and gz and unlike, comments and white space, and organize the same information is intended to reduce the size of a waste to discard the basic code.

Java operating environment is required.
Download, is here.

Unzip, jar is used to copy the file.
java-jar yuicompressor.jar [options][input file]

java-jar yuicompressor.jar template.css-o template.css.o

The feeling of
template.css.o template.css the compression makes it to the file.

Usually it's about to cut in half.

Yuicompressor than this is based is the same thing is trying many things to different compression technologies.
Same logic, javascript can be compressed.

However, CSS crumble a little too compressed and display (such as different colors) so you, if you use it, I turned on the air is better.
yuicompressor is, it does, it does not, fine, you can use with confidence.(If other than the width of the compressed slightly dropped)


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