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33. Smiley icon to display in English (2)

Published on| November 28th, 2009

Previously, "How to show Smiley icon in English with WordPress" that wrote the article. This time, the more that use plug-ins let you easily edit you ...

34. Ignore BR tag in post with Wordpress

Published on| November 27th, 2009

WordPress does when editing the article, a new line to write HTML and many, other than one single line on the display disabled (not reflected) will be. This is ...

35. How to add social bookmark icon with WordPress

Published on| November 26th, 2009

WordPress is to keep the Sosharubukkumakuaikon to install the plug-in for it, and you'll see where you want to edit the theme. Here, let's briefly intr ...

36. WordPress comment spam countermeasures

Published on| November 25th, 2009

Leave the default settings, the spam comments, I'll get one. WordPress does have anti-comment spam plug-in variety. But, perhaps, in any case, some of the ...

37. How to remove the META TAG of generator with WordPress

Published on| November 24th, 2009

Usually, WordPress try output META infromation of generator that is version information of WordPress. If you want to remove its META information, you may be abl ...

38. How to show Smiley icon in English with Wordpress

Published on| November 20th, 2009

WordPress is the standard provides the ability to display a smiley emoticon in English. Management screen

39. how to sort post with WordPress

Published on| November 19th, 2009

WordPress to sort the articles in the wrong order, is easy. WordPress, if you sort the article, get posts of orderby (String) which sorts the post in the va ...

40. How to show source code highlight with WordPress

Published on| November 18th, 2009

To highlight the WordPress source code is Yappari plug. If WordPress is adding a feature is not available from only one of the themes or plug-in, plug Yappari. ...


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