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Open Source Business Models

Published on| December 12th, 2009 | No Comment.

Previously, Free-profit organizations (free) software means that wrote the article.
This time, I would like to think a bit of open source means free.
Original article, Models 11 open source business is.

That this original article was written, I together at extremely short.
11 open source business model is titled, in fact, have to return the crown, or why Open Source is Free?Also the answer to What is one thing.

  1. Support Ware
    – Pattern of paid support.
  2. Product Ware
    – Software is free.However, accessories for running the software (for example hardware (Android phone)) is paid.
  3. Cloud Ware
    – Software in the cloud (WEB located).When used, every function, every soft way to collect fees.
  4. Project Ware
    – Take on an approach developed using open source.
  5. SaaS Ware
    – SaaS (Software as a Service stands for).Software providers (providers) will be running on the computer, the user is using the Internet as a service over the network and software capabilities, the way pay a service charge.
  6. Ad Ware
    – Or display ads in the software, and try to do something WEB (website advertising) or to open the pattern.
  7. Sugar Daddy Ware
    – Patterns that are attached to the back-profit organizations.For example, Eclipse and IBM relationship.
  8. Foundation Ware
    – About the foundation that the background pattern.For example, Apache, Wikipedia.
  9. Beg Ware
    – The so-called soft donations (donation Software).
  10. Tchotchke Ware
    – Software is free but the pattern-related goods to sell.Recently, this pattern is also available in the system or games?
  11. Let's Make a Deal Ware
    – Software to create a pattern survive to the negotiations.Wordpress, Drupal, etc..

After all, the genuinely free, open source, not necessarily to be having is not, you are familiar with.
Now, says Cloud Ware, SaaS Ware in the future it is likely to be the mainstream.

In some ways it is, I think the fact that if he could come out even small companies can be reversed.
Completed on the WEB from both the infrastructure costs, and requiring very small, and I will not need a big advertising budget to media and television.

Become the ranking that Google search, it is very important.In the sense that ad.
I find Renakare, WEB above, is not a raison d'etre.Unfortunately.() )

But in any case, a small company to survive, the individual, would be a good reference.


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