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Automatic translation with Wordpress

Published on| December 16th, 2009 | No Comment.

I think that the most famous plug-in for the automated translation is ‘Global Translator‘.

So too famous, I hesitated whether to write the post for its plugin. But I want to leave it as a memo, and I will write this post.()

Let’s try to install.

First ,You should download zip file (Download : Global Translator).
So, you can install (donwload) zip file from plug-in menu-tab ( [Plugins] – [Add New] – [Upload] ) at “Manage Plugin” after Login.
After installation, enable the plug-in.

Let’s try to using.

You might think using this plugin at once. But first you should set some parameters for this plugin.

After you enabled this plugin, you will find "Global Translator" menu in Settings tab.


Please click "Global Translator" menu. So, you will see the setting page as follows.


Here, I will explain about each configuration item.

"Choose your translation engine", if you do a Japanese translation, you should set ‘Google’.

"My Blog is written in:" You should set your default language (mother tongue) that write original articles. If you write by Japanese, you should set "Japanese".

"Choose which translations you want to make available for your visitors:" You should check all languages that you want to translate. Some languages that you checked on here will be displayed as flags on the following setting pages.

"Sitemap integration" if you want to include translated posts into sitemap, you should set this item.

I think you does not need other parameters. Perhaps you will think enough the work of this plugin by default values.

If you finish set above parameters, you should save by click "Update Options".

If you want to display buttons for exchange to translated post on WEB page, you should write the following code in the template.

if(function_exists("gltr_build_flags_bar")) { 

After you finish above settings above, you will notice some flags on web pages as follows.

Let’s try click an another language flag except default language (mother tongue).
You will notice that your site page is displayed by another language.
It is easy.()

If your site page is displayed "This page has not been translated yet." as following, your site page will not be translated yet.

This message means this plug-in runs ‘Google translate’ because this page has not translated yet.
This plug-in cash automated translated posts. If cashed page does not exist, this plugin will run ‘Google translate’.This message will be displayed previous this work.

This work will avoid a hard work of ‘Google translate’.
You should wait a few days until the translated article is cached.


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