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Show Breadcrumbs in WordPress

Published on| December 2nd, 2009 | No Comment.

There are WordPress plug-in to display breadcrumbs.
Plug-in here to introduce the famous Breadcrumb NavXT is.
This plug-in is not unusual Japanese.That have been around for so many, here is the only original writing.

I immediately try to install.

Install the plug-in as normal Plugins- Add New- [Upload]From where to download from where you downloaded the ZIP file and install it.
After installation, enable the plug-in.

Immediately, try using.

Since many parameters of this plug-in, first, let's cover just a simple way.
When installation is complete, the lower left of screen "Breadcrumb NavXT" setting menu appears.

Here, "Breadcrumb NavXT" button.Screen displays the plug-in parameters.
The top of the "Placement" button.

If you like English, almost like a good setup as is.
Only where the Japanese again, let me explain later.

To edit the information in the Home
  1. Set on the screen "General" button.
  2. Home Breadcrumb: Home Title: Sets the text link to its homepage.
    Cases) Home
  3. Home Anchor: Set the anchor text of links to its homepage.

    <a title="トップページへ" href="%link%/">
To edit a category page information
  1. Set on the screen "Category" button.
  2. Category Anchor: Set the anchor text to the category page.
    <a title="%title% カテゴリ" href="%link%">
  3. Archive by Category Prefix:, Archive by Category Suffix: to specify the string to add before and after the text that appears in the breadcrumbs.

    Archive by Category Prefix:&#39;
    Archive by Category Suffix:&#39;

    In this example, 'Category Name' will appear in the image.

Page to edit the information tags
  1. Set on the screen "Tags" button.
  2. Tag Anchor: Set the text to the anchor tag.
    <a title="%title% タグ" href="%link%">
  3. Archive by Tag Prefix:, Archive by Tag Suffix: to specify the string to add before and after the text that appears in the breadcrumbs.

    Archive by Tag Prefix:&#39;
    Archive by Tag Suffix:&#39;

    In this example, the 'name tags' will be displayed in the image.

To edit the date archive page information
  1. Set on the screen "Date Arcives" button.
  2. Date Anchor: Set the anchor text to the archive date.
    <a title="%title% アーカイブ" href="%link%">

Parameters of the Japanese, and you set this level, perhaps, makes the display in Japanese.
More, but some detail, the pattern of the above, just go where it has been replaced by the Japanese into English.

Let's have a list of breadcrumbs.

In most cases, around the end of the header.php theme will be displayed under the top of the screen crumbs and add the following code.

<div class="breadcrumb">

Now, when you view the article, we can see as well.()

Of the Japanese, you still need to set a little設定Rashii set, I think you realize that you do not need most.
A set of categories, if properly made, and still should be OK.
Maa is well-made plug-in.(:))
WordPress, I think they often use is that it can be a good plug-in.
Joomla! When compared to, so there is little need to tinker with, very helpful.(M (__) m)


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